Science behind the Rangoli Designs

Behind everything we do in this modern world, there is a scientific reason hidden. Sometimes we may find it very hectic to do all those things. But our ancestors have framed each and every custom in the perspective of science. Hence Rangoli also have got its own scientific reason to insist us to draw it in front of our home everyday. There are many reasons being discovered for many practices and customs being followed. Among that, Rangoli have got many reasons behind it, out of which I would be explaining here the most relevant reasons. Apart from the origin and history of Rangoli, you can also find beautiful Rangoli designs images here. Let us explore the Science behind Rangoli.

  1. The olden form of Rangoli, if you have seen, is always symmetric about both X-axis and Y-axis. This scientifically denotes that Symmetry is the symbol of love, prosperity and growth. You can also see that the designs have round edges and superimposed on each other. If you love physics from your school time, then you will definitely remember the concept of harmonics when you see these rangoli designs. Because these rangoli designs resemble the harmonics pattern. Sound is actually made up of harmonics, in which each harmonic corresponds to certain frequency. When the right harmonics are superimposed, you get pleasing sounds. Hence drawing Rangoli in front of home can soothes your mind and make you calm and pleasant while entering the home. This is actually good when you are welcoming the guests to your home. They feel pleasant to get into the home.
  2. At resonant frequency, a vibration gives out an appropriate geometric pattern. The vice-versa of this fact is also possible i.e. An appropriate geometric pattern can make the positive vibration to arouse in your mind. This is what the Rangoli designs are carrying out. It creates a positive vibration in your mind which makes your mind calm, pleasant and healthier.
  3. The visual effect that the Rangoli presents you is immense. The round edges, symmetric nature and continuous distribution of colours of Rangoli designs gives you the peace of mind and you may even feel calm and pleasant. If you have not agreed with this point, have a continuous look at some sharper thing or a flickering light. Your mind becomes very weak and the flickering light makes the wave pattern of your mind discontinuous.  You feel disturbed when you do this. Whereas in Rangoli, the round edges and continuous pattern of designs makes your mind healthier.

Rangoli designs images

Beautiful Rangoli Designs Images

Here is the collection of some beautiful rangoli designs which will definitely impress you to draw in front of your home as soon as you see it. Many rangoli designs have the peacock image in it which looks very nice and attractive. These are simple designs which you can draw in very few minutes and make the place beautiful and attractive.

Rangoli designs images

Rangoli Designs