Rangoli Designs for Diwali: Even though Diwali is known as Festival of Lights, Colours also play an important role in the celebration. The celebration of Diwali would be incomplete without the Rangoli designs in front of the home. Diwali is celebrated to herald Goddess Lakshmi. We pray for her blessings to give us a prosperous life. So in that time, Rangoli is drawn, not only to welcome the guests to our house but also the God who gives the blessings. Here are some special Rangoli designs images for Diwali which you may find it auspicious to draw it on the day of Diwali. Since the custom of Rangoli has been followed for many years, we inculcate this practice in almost all our celebrations. We do have lights in the form of candles over the Rangoli designs to represent the festival of lights. Have a look at these ravishing Rangoli designs for Diwali.

Since Rangoli is believed to bring a kind of positive vibrations in your mind, it is followed as a custom to draw it for any occasion. The Rangoli brings a peace of mind, calmness, and pleasant feel to the people attending the function. Even a small variation in the colour and orientation of the design changes the vibrations caused by it. Hence it is very important to manage the perfection of the design.

Ravishing Rangoli Designs Images for Diwali

Most of the Rangoli designs consists of leaf, flower or peacock designs. Most of the peacock designs look very live and attractive since the colour of the peacock is very attractive naturally. When you give the same proportion of colour to the design, the pattern becomes more lovely and colourful.

Rangoli designs images for Diwali

Rangoli Designs for Diwali